Custom Flag Design


Each custom flag is made specifically to the customer’s requirements in terms of size, design and material.  Whenever possible, a graphics file (pdf, png, ai ) of any design or logo to be incorporated into the flag is preferred.  For projects with no existing artwork, we will work with you to come up with a design that suits your wishes – whether it’s choosing the right font for lettering or something more involved.  To see a few of the flags we have made, please click here.


  • Nylon –  All of our flags are made from the highest quality American-made UV resistant flag nylon in both 200 and 400 denier.  Between our three primary suppliers, we have access to over 70 colors of nylon (PMS codes available) for virtually any design need – in addition to specialty materials such as nylon foil (gold and silver); 2-ply spun polyester (OG Red, OG Blue and White); and Eco-Friendly 100% Recycled Nylon (OG Red, OG Blue and White).
  • Thread – We use only American-made spun polyester thread for its combination of strength and UV resistance.   Color choices are endless and especially on lettering – thread color selection can add a very subtle yet powerful design element to a flag.
  • Header & Grommets – For our standard flag header we use a 2” or 3”American-made polypropylene webbing for its strength, looks and durability.  A more traditional folded cotton/polyester header is also available.   Unless otherwise specified – flags will come with the solid brass Stimpson grommets.  A traditional rope & toggle or a sleeve is available upon request.


A few words about pricing.  Each custom flag is different and to be fair to you and to us – we believe pricing should reflect that.  The table below outlines representative starting prices for various sized flags and burgees.  The biggest overall driver of price is time (labor), NOT material.  So – the more demanding a flag is in terms of design, layout, sewing and trimming – the more costly it will be regardless of size.

We strongly encourage you to please share and discuss your design with us in order to get the most accurate understanding of the price for your project.

Custom Flags

Single-Sided / Double-Sided
2’ x 3’ – starts @ $175 /$250
3’ x 5’ – starts @ $225 /$300
4’ x 6’ – starts @ $275 /$350
5’ x 8’ – starts @ $325 / $450

Custom Burgees & Pennants

Single-Sided / Double-Sided
12” x 18” – starts @ $75 / $125
24” x 36” – starts @ $150 / $225
Larger Sizes – Starts @ $250